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The Event Center (GPS: 45.792 N, 14.292 E) is a log cabin near CŠOD Rak (Center for school and extracurricular activities).

Parking is available near Event Center along the main gravel road. There are no parking lots as we usually know them. Other possible parking spaces are also shown on the map. The parking space closest to both starts can be more busy on weekends and should therefore be primarily accessible to the disabled. Parking in front of CŠOD Rak will be accessible only to the disabled and organizers. Please do not block access to CŠOD Rak.

Toilette will be available in the Event Center.

A hot meal will be possible only on Sunday near CŠOD Rak (50 m from the Event Center). The CAMINITO mobile restaurant offers two main dishes for Sunday between 13.00 and 16.00, meat and vegetarian, as well as other Argentine snacks and drinks. Empanadas de carne (Argentine wraps with minced beef, vegetables and boiled eggs in home-made dough) and Empanadas de queso (Argentine wraps with cheese and herbs in home-made dough) will be available for 7.50 EUR. PLEASE ORDER MAIN DISHES IN ADVANCE ON THE LINK. Only then your meal will be guaranteed. They accept cash and cards.



The part of the road connecting Unec, Postojna and Rakov Škocjan is in the embargoed area for PreO 1. Therefore, the only possible access is from Unec to Rakov Škocjan via Podskrajnik. Access to Unec from the direction of Postojna is possible by highway or by the main road through Planina. The route from Unec will be marked with signs. Check the map! Violation of the embargoed area leads to disqualification.



Elite (O - open, P - physically challenged, J - juniors), A



Free order of control picking between starts and finishes of the course parts.



The ToePunch system will be used in the Elite class as a primary system.

A test of the ToePunch system will be possible before the competition in the Event Center.

Control cards and punchers will be used in the A-class, but for time measuring  the ToePunch system will be used. Control cards and punchers will be used only when ToePunch station will not respond. If the record on ToePunch station will be recorded, any punch on the control card will not be considered.

ToePunch cards, control cards and maps will be given at the start.

Control cards in the Elite class are printed on the back side of the maps.

Please, bring your own puncher. Some punchers will be possible to borrow at the start.

ToePunch card reading will be in the Event Center. Printed answers will only be available after the start of the last competitor.



The start of the competitors will follow the start list, which is published on the competition website.



Maps are printed on Pretex paper. Therefore, the maps will not be protected in plastic covers. If you want, you can bring your own plastic cover.

The maps should be returned at every finish.

The maps will be returned to competitors after the start of the last competitor and in case of technical problems with ToePunch stations, after checking punches on the maps.



The general Zero tolerance is 4 m without exception.

During course planning we considered a new Guidance for Zero Problems. As it is a new recommendation where in some situations used Zero tolerance should be bigger, we wrote used Zero tolerance next to the control descriptions for specific controls. This information is marked with ZT.


No Zero problems in A course.



Some controls will be very far from viewing points. All flagged sites that are more than 100 m away will be marked with double flags.



ToePunch START card will be used for your identification at the time controls and for saving backup answers.

Loose maps will be prepared at the time control stations. If you rather use bounded maps or point the answers, inform the marshal at each time control station during your identification.



We must not restrict traffic. Therefore, we will set up traffic cones at critical points. Follow the organizer-s instructions and take care of your safety.



The use of other electronic devices is prohibited during the competition. This is especially true for mobile phones. Violation of this rule leads to disqualification.



Pavel Ptaček, John Kewley, William Rex, and Alessio Tenani as additional member.



The results will be online.



The overall ranking of Rak TrailO 2022 will be the sum of the results of the two competitions. The top three competitors in classes A, Elite Physically Challenged, Elite Juniors and Elite Open will be awarded. The prize giving ceremony will take place at the Event Center.