Day 1

SATURDAY, April 17



Start list, Day 1

Overview map, Day1


The Event Center is a log cabin near CŠOD Rak (Center for school and extracurricular activities).

The Event Center will not operate as usual due to measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease.

In the Event Center:

  • information will be published,
  • ToePunch system will be presented,
  • results will be processed and published,
  • lunch packages will be distributed,
  • toilets will be available and
  • on Sunday there will be a price giving ceremony.

Parking is available near Event Center along the main gravel road. There are no parking lots as we usually know them. Places where is possible parking for more cars are on the overview map marked with parking sign.



To the start is 20 min. walk by the main road. No tapes or signs will be placed to the start. So take a good look at the overview map and turn to the east when you will see the information board.

At the start, you will receive your control card and your ToePunch chip set.

Do not forget to bring your SportIdent card and puncher.

If necessary, you will borrow a puncher at the start.

First start: 12:00

Your exact start time will be registered with your electronic card. Please use both systems (SportIdent and ToePunch). It is important that you start in the right order as it is on the start list. In case you miss your start time, you will have to start last.



ISSOM, scale 1:4000 / 2 m, mapped by Petteri Hakala on July 2020.



Elite - 22 controls, 650 m / 5 m - max. 86 min. (O, J), 95 min. (P)

TC: 2 stations with 3 time controls on each are after the finish.

The course is divided into 3 sections: Start 1 - Finish 1, Start 2 - Finish 2, Start 3 - Finish 3

ATTENTION: In some parts the edge of the road is right next to a steep slope, what can be read from the map. So be careful. On more dangerous parts, tape will be placed along the edge.

The Zero tolerance is always 4 m, except if the flag is on another feature.



When you finish your course, return to the Event Center along the route as shown on the overview map. There are more options: past the hotel and then along the main road or along the educational trail past some of the sights of Rakov Škocjan. The path and footbridge across the Rak River is not suitable for wheelchairs. Therefore, only wheelchair competitors are allowed to return past the Start 1.

Please note that when the Day 1 competition is over, the Embargoed area restrictions for Day 2 still apply. Therefore check the instructions for Day 2 too.