March 15, Training

PreO training

Friday, March 15, 2019 

Starting area and parking:
The starting area is in the forest (45.7630, 13.7824).
The closest parking place is in the village Pliskovica (45.77065,13.78236).

14:00 - 16:00
Distance and the way to the start:
Parking - Start: 1300 m.
The way to the start will NOT be marked. The view from the parking on a small road leading to the start. The way to the start first descends 60 m and then ascends 40 m.
The road to the start is closed for traffic, but it is only allowed for the purpose of forest management. It is possible for Para competitors to come to the start by car, but it is advisable to move the car to the parking in Pliskovica. There is not enough parking space in the starting area.
16 controls, 1 time control stations, after the finish, with 3 tasks, 720 m, time limit is 70 minutes (Open), 80 minutes (Para)
Zero control definition:
The distance between the correct position and the closest flag is always 5 m or more with NO exceptions (like for other feature or degrees).
Part of the maps Krajna vas & Veliki Dol, ISOM, 1 : 4000 (original 1 : 10.000), 5 m, mapped by Zdeněk Sokolář, Jan Drbal, Robert Miček, Daniel Lebar in 2010 and updated in 2014; map owner: Lesovik, Ivan Nagy s.p.
Training map
On the map are some small circles drawn with symbol 201 Impassable cliff. These are abysses. Do not get close to them, it is DANGEROUS
Manual punching will be used for punching of the answers. You can use your own puncher or those at the viewing points.
There will be no toilets.
Training on Saturday:
Training with map on Saturday will be possible, but unfortunately we can not provide training with control flags, because none of us can be present at the venue. That is why we will pick the flags on Friday evening. Forest where the training will take place is privat. It is owned by many owners and it is possible that on Saturday, anyone of the owners will perform spring cleaning of the forest.
You can buy the map and solutions in Event Centre - Hotel Maestoso in Lipica. Price is 2 EUR.
After finished TempO competition on Saturday you can do your training also in Lipica. Map of Lipica will be available after the competition in Event Centre. Price: 1 EUR.
Please, mark which training will you attend in