March 16, TempO day


Saturday, March 16, 2019



Event Centre:
Hotel Maestoso, Lipica (45.6686, 13.8826)
The Event Center will be opened at 9:00.
First start:
Event Centre - Start: 800 m. The way to the start will be marked.
Parking closer to the start is possible on the parking place (45.6672, 13.8792).
Parking - Start: 300 m
On a way to the start is one model station.
6 stations with 5 controls, 450 m with 10 m ascent
Same course for E and A classes.
The main path has been restored. There are no puddles on the way.
After the finish you have to pass the same way back to the Event Centre.
Zero control definition:
The distance between the correct position and the closest flag is always 4 m or more with NO exceptions (like for other feature or degrees).
Lipica - GUP Josefa Ressla, ISSOM, 1 : 4000, 2 m, mapped by Krešo Keresteš in 2015.
TempO map
On the maps are some smaller unmapped areas marked with symbol 714 Temporary closed area where are no controls.
Some stones are shaped like narrow rock forms. They are actually two-sided rock faces and they are marked with symbol 203 Passable rock face.
Typical karst terrain. Pine forest, many stone features, some depressions and other landscape features (pits, knolls, etc.).
ANT applications will be used to measure times and answers registration.
Results will be at and published in the Event Centre.
Official results will be published on the event website.
They are in the Event Centre.