March 8, TrailO Relay / Combination day

TrailO Relay / Combination

Sunday, March 8, 2020


Event Centre:
Hotel Maestoso, Lipica (45.6686, 13.8826)
The Event Center will be opened at 12:00.
Type of the competition:
  • 3 competitors in the team
  • each competitor pass PreO course first and then TempO station after the finish
  • the first legs of the teams starts together with PreO part at 13:00, late starts will be possible
  • each missed answer on the PreO course is penalised with 60 seconds
  • each missed answer on the TempO course is penalised with 30 seconds
  • time on the PreO course is limited, an excess of time up to every five minutes is penalised with 60 seconds
  • time on the TempO station is measured in seconds
  • result is the sum of time on the tempO station and penalties on the Preo and TempO part
  • times on the course and answers will be registered with ANT system, NFC cheaps provided by organizer will be used
  • is an individual competition where compete all competitors
  • it is combination of PreO and TempO part
  • result is achieved in the same way as in the Relay competition
First start:
13:00, but late start will be possible.
Without start list for the individual competitors.
Event Centre - Start: 180 m. The start is near Golf course. The way to the start will be marked.
PreO part: 10 controls, 1100 m with 20 m ascent
PreO time limit: 65 minutes (Elite O, Elite J, A) and 75 minutes (Elite P)
TempO part: 1 TempO station with 5 controls.
TempO max. time: 150 seconds
Same course for E and A classes.
After the finish you have to pass the same way back to the Event Centre.
Zero control definition:
The distance between the correct position and the closest flag is always 4 m or more with NO exceptions (like for other feature or degrees).
Lipica - GUP Josefa Ressla, ISSOM, 1 : 4000, 2 m, mapped by Krešo Keresteš in 2015.
TempO map
On the maps are some smaller unmapped areas marked with symbol 714 Temporary closed area where are no controls.

Park and typical karst terrain.
NFC cheaps provided by organizer will be used.
The ANT application will be used for recording answers on the course — mobiles will be at punching stations, a competitor approaches, identifies her/him-self by a lent NFC chip, chooses a control number and then an answer. A similar procedure will be also at the start and the finish. You can test the application in advance — see
ANT application will be used as the registration system and to measure times and answers registration.
They are in the Event Centre.