March 7, PreO day


Satuday, March 7, 2020 


Event Centre:
Lokev Fire Brigade Station (45.6662, 13.9154)
The Event Center will be opened at 12:00.
First start:
13:00, without start list.
Start will be possible between 13:00 and 15:00.
Event Centre - Start: 300 m. The way to the start will be marked.
On a way to the start you have to follow main road for 230 m. Be very careful on the road.
20 controls, 1 time control stations, after the finish, with 3 tasks, 600 m, time limit is 78 minutes (Elite O, Elite J, A) and 85 minutes (Elite P)
Same course for E and A classes.
After the finish you have to pass the same way back to the Event Centre. On the way back PLEASE KEEP SILENT. Do not talk even with fellow competitors that have finished the course.
The main path is not perfect. We recommend assistants for the wheelchair users. Organizer can not provide any assistant.
Zero control definition:
The distance between the correct position and the closest flag is always 3 m or more with NO exceptions (like for other feature or degrees).
Ralčevka, ISSOM, 1 : 4000, 2 m, mapped by Remo Madella in January 2019
PreO map
Typical karst terrain and rural areas. Mixed forest, many stone features, some depressions and other landscape features (pits, knolls, etc.).
NFC cheaps provided by organizer will be used.
The ANT application will be used for recording answers on the course — mobiles will be at punching stations, a competitor approaches, identifies her/him-self by a lent NFC chip, chooses a control number and then an answer. A similar procedure will be also at the start and the finish. You can test the application in advance — see
Portable toilet cabin will be near the Event Centre.
Please do not use other options nearby and in nature, because we got a place for the Event Centre very hard.