March 17, PreO day


Sunday, March 17, 2019 



Event Centre:
Lokev Fire Brigade Station (45.6662, 13.9154)
The Event Center will be opened at 9:00.
First start:
Event Centre - Pre-Start: 700 m. The way to the start will be marked.
On a way to the start you have to follow main road for 230 m. Be very careful on the road.
Elite class: 23 controls, 2 time control stations, both before the start, with 3 tasks each, 650 m, time limit is 89 minutes (Open) and 114 minutes (Para)
A class: 13 controls, 2 time control stations, both before the start, with 3 tasks each, 650 m, time limit is 60 minutes (Open), 85 minutes (Para)
After the finish you have to pass the same way back to the Event Centre. On the way back PLEASE KEEP SILENT. Do not talk even with fellow competitors that have finished the course.
The main path is not perfect. We recommend assistants for the wheelchair users. Organizer can not provide any assistant.
Zero control definition:
The distance between the correct position and the closest flag is always 4 m or more with NO exceptions (like for other feature or degrees).
Ralčevka, ISSOM, 1 : 4000, 2 m, mapped by Remo Madella in January 2019
PreO map
On the map are used symbols 537 Cairn, memorial, etc. for small stone mounds.
Some stones are shaped like narrow rock forms. They are actually two-sided rock faces and they are marked with symbol 203 Passable rock face.
On the map is one small circle drawn with symbol 201 Impassable cliff. This is Ralčevka abyss after which the map got its name. It is 96 m deep. So, it is dangerous place. The abyss is not near the main path, but can be visited after the finished course competition.
Typical karst terrain. Mixed forest, many stone features, some depressions and other landscape features (pits, knolls, etc.).
Punching in Elite class:
SportIdent electronic system will be used for time recording on the course and punching of the answers in Elite class only.
The correct number of SI stations will be provided in a carousel at each decision point.
If one or more SI stations not work or be missing, the competitor should punch the backup boxes provided on the competition map using the backup puncher provided at each control carousel. If the backup has been used, but a different answer for the control has been recorded in the SI card, it will be considered as incorrect. The competition maps for PreO course will include 3 rows with 6 boxes each (AZ) for this purpose. Competitor should notify the finish official if she or he used punchers and on which control.
The controls can be punched in free order. Any controls that have been missed will be counted as no answer given, even if punched later, and any control punched more than once with different answers will be counted as incorrect.
Punching in A class:
Manual punching will be used for punching of the answers in A class only. It is advisable to use your own puncher. Also punchers on the course can be used. They will be at the view points and next to carousels which are intended for the Elite class.
SportIdent electronic system will be used only for time recording on the course.

ANT applications will be used to measure times and answers registration at time controls.
Results will be at and published in the Event Centre.
Prize giving ceremony will be as soon as possible after the end of the competition, presumably at 14:30 in the Event Centre.
CHIS TrailO Cup formula will be used for calculation of two days competition.
Official results will be published on the event website.
Prize giving ceremony:
We will announce the results and award prizes for:
  • Slovenian TrailO League 2018 - the best three ranked in classes Elite and A will receive wooden tiles
  • CHIS TrailO Cup 2018 - the best three ranked in classes E Open, E Paralympic, E Juniors and A will receive wooden tiles
  • WRE TempO event - the top three in Elite class will receive practical rewards
  • WRE PreO event - the best three in Elite class will receive practical rewards
  • Lipica TrailO (2 days) - the best three in classes E Open, E Para, E Juniors and A will receive medals and practical rewards
Portable toilet cabin will be near the Event Centre.
Please do not use other options nearby and in nature, because we got a place for the Event Centre very hard.