How to come?

By plane


Trieste, Italy (ITA) - 54 km

Ljubljana, Slovenia (LJU) - 106 km

Venice, Italy (VCE) - 158 km

Treviso, Italy (TSF) - 155 km

Klagenfurt, Austria (KLU) - 168 km

Zagreb, Croatia (ZAG) - 231 km

Graz, Austria (GRZ) - 270 km

Verona, Italy (VRN) - 278 km

Bologna, Italy (BLQ) - 309 km

Salzburg, Austria (SZG) - 358 km

Milano - Bergamo, Italy (BGY) - 382 km

Milano - Linate, Italy (LIN) - 425 km

Milano - Malpensa, Italy (MXP) - 466 km

Vienna, Austria (VIE) - 475 km

Try with some of the searching links: SkyscannerFlightNetworkKiwi, ...

In addition to car rental, the option is also an airport transfer.

Airport transfers

GoOpti (discount code for 5 EUR: RFLI18489247), Point2Point, Prevozi AnjaZup prevozi, Markun shuttle, iGOline, ...

For the privat transport check possibilities at Prevozi.

By train

Train stations:

Sežana, Divača, Trieste (Italy)

Slovenian Railways, Trenitalia

By bus

Buses to Lipica goes from Sežana and Divača. There is no direct line to Lipica on weekends.

Check the time table at: Nomago, Bus station Ljubljana

For transportation from the airports check GetbybusFlixbus and Nomago shuttle stops in Ljubljana only.

By car

The vignette system is valid on the highways and motorways. You can buy vignettes online or at the border crossing and at filling stations. They are not needed if you come from Italy, but you must leave the highway immediately after the border crossing.