PreO 1 / March 10th

PreO - Day 1

Competition centre: Hotel Maestoso, Lipica

Course planner: Krešo Keresteš

Terrain: typical Carstic terrain: stones, stones, stones and depressions. Visibility is mostly very good. 

Map: 1:4.000, contour interval: 2 metres, ISSOM, March 2017

Special symbols: prolonged stone in the form of two-sided rock face is marked with symbol of rock face and stone wall control description will be used, gray contours - unmapped area.


Elite class: 25 controls and 3 time controls at one station after the finish. 1780 m / 15 m. Time limit: 130 min. (Open), 145 min. (Paralympic).

A class: 13 controls and 3 time controls at one station after the finish. 1630 m / 10 m. Time limit: 120 min. (Open), 130 min. (Paralympic). There is no Z answers in A class. Time controls are after the finish. 3 controls at one station.

Some paths will be out-of-bounds. In case of asphalt roads the limits will be marked on the map, but on the terrain without tape and with STOP signs. Be very careful because the asphalt roads will not be closed for the traffic.

Embargoed area: All area from Hotel Maestoso and main road to the West is embargoed area. You can follow signs on the main roads to the Hotel Maestoso and park your car in front of the Hotel. You can freely walk to the Stud Farm on the main path. The area around the Hotel is embargoed area for the Day 2 starts.

Special rules: You can use your own puncher. Time on the course will be measured with SI system. There is no decision points for A controls. Solutions will be distributed after the last start. Complaints can be done only in written form to the organizer not later than 15 minutes after the publication of the final results.