Recording system

Only IOF-approved registration systems may be used in WRE competitions (control cards and punchers, SportIdent, EMIT).

Because we were counting on a smaller number of competitors, we decided to use the classic method, control cards and punchers to register answers on the course and SportIdent system for measuring time on the course. Records made on this way are official and can not be supported in any other way.

The order of recording is free. This means that you are free to choose the order of the answers between the start and finish, although it is ideal to answer in order from control 1 onwards.

To make the processing of the results faster, we will test-use the ToePunch system. How the system works is described in detail in a PDF document and presented in an MP4 video.

To make this possible and useful, we ask all competitors to use the ToePunch system and answer exactly the same as they will mark the answers on the control cards. In case of a handling error, please let us know.